How to Start a Blog: What Every Newbie Should Know

Why Would I Want to blog?

A blog? You’re wondering about what it is specifically, aren’t you? You have heard of the term… However, you’re not certain about what it’s all about or how to get started. You’ve seen a myriad of people popping up all over with their blogs, and you’re wondering why this is being viewed as a fad. You’re wondering what’s on the line for me or have discovered that bloggers are earning money with their blogs. It’s sounding kind of appealing to you but you do not know where to begin. Well first of all blogging is a way to create a space where you can post anything you’d like to. There are numerous blogging platforms available for people to select from. I’ll go into more detail about them shortly, but let’s first understand what blogging is first. There are many bloggers who write about topics they find interesting to them. For instance an artist wants to start a blog so that she can speak about art. She knows just about all that is required to be an artist and wants to share it across the globe. She’s so well informed and everyone on the internet looking for info on art, start to visit her blog and find it soo cool! People come back to the blog almost everyday because this woman is so awesome her information and the tips she offers are so helpful. As she begins to grow her following and she looks up and thousands of people are checking her blog every day… she believes this could be the start of something!

Time to Make Money from My Blog

The artist was told that she could actually start making money through her blog by monetizing it (putting stuff on it that makes more money). She just had to figure out how she would monetize her blog, there are many ways to go about it, it is all about what you think works the best for you. Well the cool thing regarding this artist she had her own art to sell. So guess what she did she came up with a way to put her paintings on her blog for people to purchase. She would discuss her paintings and post a photo of her artwork to her blog and added them as clickable, so that when somebody clicked on her work they were taken to her online store where she sold her paintings. What a great idea! This means… Yes.. those who already have a product or service they’re selling may use a blog to market more of their products!

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That’s not the only way to earn money through your blog. If you don’t have your own product , but you do are passionate about something that you do and are knowledgeable about some things about it or something that you want to learn better about, and be a master of and that’s the subject you write about. You can then start to give information to others about the subject you are interested in. There are many websites that provide you with the chance to promote their product and make an income from sales, like ClickBank and Commission Junction (just to name several). Some of these sites offer the possibility of marketing their products for free. It’s called becoming an affiliate. You would be an affiliate and market products of another on your blog. Let’s say for instance, an artist didn’t possess her own product, however she found an amazing art studio that had an affiliate program that could allow her to promote the art company to make an income on her blog! Oh , YES! Now she’s earning money from the revenue she’s earning when people go to her website and hear her talk about art and they are delighted enough to pull out their credit cards and purchase! The artist knows that this is a great opportunity to assist people who are looking for information , and also to earn an income that will change her life forever! But there’s something missing: she’s earning money however, not enough for her to be financially secure. She contemplates what she have to do on her blog to generate more sales. After thinking hard about it she knows that she needs to attract more people to come to her blog.

Driving the Blog’s Traffic

DING DING DING!! That’s it… Artist needs to get more people to read her blog to see her products… this is known as generating traffic! So how does she get the traffic to her website? It’s because there’s something she’s got to know and that’s SEO (search engine optimization). Uh, what? “I do not know what SEO was “… she thought? In essence, SEO is the process of getting your website or blog listed high on search engines. This can result in increased visitors! If people search on Google, Yahoo or bing (which are the top 3 search engines) and search for, let’s say “unusual art works” the websites or blogs that talk about that particular topic should show up when they search for something, and should the website be successful at SEO , it will appear on the first page of the search results. That is the place you should want your website to show up in the search results on the very first page of the search..why? Ask yourself this question… When you’re looking for something how often do you go to the bottom of the page, and then select the page number 2 or 3 or 4? Not often right usually you’re never more than one page. It’s the same for everyone else is doing too, no one has time to go through pages and pages they tend to browse through, on the first page… at the very least! The artist decides to research how to use SEO in her own blog and learns just what she has to accomplish when writing her blog posts to improve its SEO to let search engines know they’re talking about art. Then those search engines recognize there’s someone talking about art lets see what else she writes on her blog about art. After adding in SEO techniques to her blog, the artist begins to check her stats every day to determine how many people come to her blog. And low and behold, each day the number got bigger and bigger and she started to see her sales going up every day! Wow!! Who would’ve ever thought that you could earn money by talking about the things you love! Sure beats the you know things about working a job that you are afraid of do, isn’t it?

Where can I construct my Blog?

So now what, you are ready to start writing about your brilliant idea, but where do you begin writing it? If you are new to blogging, I recommend using a blogging platform already designed specifically for you. It is possible to get up and running within 30 minutes or less. You want to look for one that has already been recognized as authoritative in the eyes of search engines This can be done by looking at how much traffic is being directed to the particular platform for blogging. Also check to see if the platform is able to provide instructional materials on how you can be ranked quickly by search engines for each of your blog’s pages. So do your research to locate the blogging platform that best suits your needs. Happy Blogging!

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