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Making your blog work for you;

Setting up a blog to allow to express your personal views means it doesn’t really matter how many views you can get. However If you’re looking at running a business based or marketing blog then views are of paramount importance. How do you gain those views?

The fundamentals of blogging

A blog is an internet publication that typically takes shape of diary or journal however they may also be used to provide news and reviews on particular topics or products. Blogs usually include personal comments or experiences, views and opinions and often include images, videos, and hyperlinks. Many people start keeping blogs as a method of sharing their personal or professional views.

Blogs can however serve as a platform to publish content and market your business or product online. Today, blogs are getting a lot of recognition across all segments of the internet and can be a powerful and very inexpensive way to reach out to a larger audience.

One of the great things with blogs is people tend to read them on their own time. Customers and clients are increasingly wary of advertising but will happily read a blog when it has some interest to them in a personal way. The majority of world’s top companies use blogs to give more value and a more personal approach to connect people with their company. A strategy that appears to be delivering positive results.

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How do I begin? ;

The process of starting a blog is quite simple . All you require is the time to write and a place to publish your blog. To start with you will obviously need a topic or topic for your blog. One of the best ways to gather some good concepts for your blog is to browse the internet and check out what other people are talking about on their blogs. Generally speaking you want to be able to identify a central topic for your blog, similar to the way that many newspapers have columnists that focus on a single topic. The subject matter can be narrow or very wide but it is crucial to make sure that readers are aware of the kind of things you are likely to write about otherwise they’ll go through a piece of content they like and then stop following your blog whenever you begin to discuss topics that are of no significance to them.

After you have an overall outline for what you want your blog to cover, it is time to think about what you would like to call your blog. Names that are short and memorable are great however you must make sure you try to include some hint to what your blog is about in the name. This will make it easier for readers to locate your blog.

Of course, deciding on the right topic and coming up with an appealing name will be in vain if you do not have a space to post your blog. There are lots of sites on the internet where you can publish a blog nowadays, some of which are free , and some of which charge fees for the use of their services. If you are unable to find the right place to post your blog, I suggest just doing a simple Google search to find blog hosting sites and then doing a little study to determine which one is most suitable for your needs. Of course if you have an existing website, you could post your blog on it’s own page there. The main benefit of this is that it could bring people in to have an overview of your site when they are pleased with the content on your blog.

Things to be aware of when writing;

Making a blog isn’t difficult, however there are some things you need to keep in mind to ensure that your blog is user-friendly and enjoyable for your readers to go through.

1. You must ensure that your English (or whatever language the blog is written in) is at a certain level. Although the public is less concerned about perfect grammar, spelling and syntax than it did in the past, it’s essential to ensure that you have your blog legible. Of course, the majority of websites and blog sites come with a built-in spelling checkers, so there’s no reason for poor spelling.

2. Be sure to write clearly. Blogs aren’t formal writing and certainly not supposed to be essays. Make sure to keep your sentences and paragraphs reasonably short and keep your language light and easy to read.

3. Think about adding videos and/or pictures to your blog. Research has demonstrated that people engage much more frequently with pictures and, in particular, with videos than with walls of solid text.

4. If you’re promoting the product, business or service try to minimize the amount of advertising you use in each blog article. It’s OK to give people an option to purchase your product or through an affiliate link purchase something you’re talking about that might interest the reader, but an overwhelming amount of “spam” banners and links across your blog is a major turn-off. We’ve been saying, people tend to visit blogs to find some information or leisure reading rather than being bombarded with sales pitches.

5. Be engaging. Try to appear like a normal person. Even if you’re selling a product or the company, people connect better to real people with real stories and ideas as opposed to those who sound robotic and one-sided.

How can you market your blog’s popularity;

All the effort spent in finding the perfect blog design and name as well as an ideal place to write it’s worthless If you aren’t able to get people to read it . finding readers is the key to promotion of your blog. Simply writing quality content and publishing it on a reliable blog hosting site is not enough to bring you an audience. There are literally millions of blogs available with bloggers launching new blogs as you read this , so unless you can find a method to market your blog, you are likely to struggle to get readers.

There are several options open to you when considering how to promote your blog. You can advertise your blog by putting hyperlinks to it, or by mentioning it in emails as well as on forums and social media pages. Other options are getting blog hosting or article hosting sites to read your blog and perhaps publish your blog on their homepages or better rankings , as well as other things like entering competitions for bloggers. Find bloggers who write about similar topics can also help your business as you can join up with them and do cross-promotion by directing visitors to their blog and they return the favour.

The key to keywordsis

For people who have a rough idea of the things they are looking for but aren’t sure where to get it, search engines like Google and Yahoo are extremely beneficial. For the very same reason they are excellent for bloggers too. There are many search engines that use algorithms which search for key words in a website or blog. Even if your content is excellent, if you aren’t using the correct keywords, then users aren’t found. Keywords that are correct must be a reflection of what you want people to think about when they find your blog. An effective method of making certain you’re using the correct kind of keywords is to conduct your own search for the keywords you intend to utilize and then see what results you receive. If the results are similar to what you’re offering, you’ve hit the mark if not try rethinking your choice of keywords.

Keeping it neat;

Maintaining your blog’s appearance clean and tidy is crucial for attuning customers. Think about it if you enter a store or visit a website, the first thing you will notice is the layout is and they say that first impressions are crucial. If you went into an establishment and noticed an assortment of random aisles stuffed with random items and items would you be as interested as if the layout was tidy and you could find exactly what you were after easily?

It is generally recommended to take the more minimalist approach with a business blog than you would with a personal blog. If you’re not sure regarding simple, functional designs and color schemes to your blog, searching the web for sites that have got an attractive look could be helpful.

Don’t push your message too hard;

The whole idea of an online marketing or company blog is to market your company and/or the products you have chosen to advertise. This means that consumers could easily get overwhelmed or turned off by advertisements or sales pitches. If you fill your blog with advertisements, links (including banners) as well as sales pitches, you’re likely to turn off the people whom you’ve tried to get visiting to begin with. Offering readers “Value” is a great way to earn and keep their trust, and ensuring they keep coming back. The easiest way to provide this value is to create good blog material which is as impartial as is possible, while clearly giving your readers a positive impression of your product. Also, make sure that it is relevant and current. There is nothing wrong with advertising that you’ve got a new line of products or services, but try to keep it from sounding as if you’re only trying to sell readers something but not offering anything worth reading.

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