How Do I BLOG?

What do I do to determine whether I require a blog? What exactly is a Blog anyway?

I understand what a website has, but exactly what is a blog? A blog is a new version of a website. It has the ability to transform each and every day, and let visitors engage with the site. Let’s return to websites for just a minute.

Website =a group of one page or more with static content. They require advanced skills to create and are difficult to update and maintain. In the majority of cases, it is the same content on every visit. The majority of people visit the site once to read articles and rarely come back. Websites are Stagnant Water


Blog = modern web site. It is able to alter each day by adding new material. Blogs are very simple and easy to update. The blog usually has a header and a side bar that remain constant while the main content changes according to updates. Articles written by writers can be linked to the main idea. This helps bring visitors to your site. Visitors continue to visit to check out new content. Blogs are like babbling rivers.

Blogs are active and have a fast set-up… Web sites are static and slow

How can I tell whether I’m in need of a blog?

Blogs can be used by anyone who wishes to share a message. I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, I don’t have any message to send out. My answer to that is ~ yes you do but you may not be aware of this yet, but follow me and I’ll demonstrate how you can profit from blogging.

Blogs can be helpful to Churches as well as other non-profit organizations to spread their message as well as assist people who sell things (make-up, Jewelry real estate, make-up, sell on Etsy or eBay) blogs could help companies who provide services (computer repair hair stylists, computer repair, or landscapers). Blogs can even help my young son, Nick, become an improved writer. I believe that a blog should be used by everyone.

Blogs can be found in multiple places that help Google locate you quicker. A subset of them connects back to the main blog, and informs Google that you’re significant. The subsets enhance the main page.

To answer some questions I’ve been asked and have responded to about blogging keep reading.

How do I know a blog will help my church? A church could benefit from a blog such as this… Instead of an online website (stagnant water) church members would create a blog. They would have their header on the top (telling which church they are as well as a phone number, or a website address) the side could contain sermon times etc., and the middle would contain dynamic content. Visit:-

They could discuss the things that were talked about during the previous sermon, especially for those who were not present. They could discuss the future plans on another blog and link back to the primary blog, which will strengthen and enforce the blog’s credibility in the eyes Google. Fundraisers could be quickly and easily be included and shared. People are likely to revisit to see what was new, as a way to connect in some way and feel part of the church as a whole.

Blogs get readers coming back.

How can I determine if the benefits of a blog for me as a Professional in Real Estate Professional?

You sell real estate. You’ve previously sent mailers to inform those in your neighborhood that you sold the house in which they reside and that you could list their house for sale too. These postcards that are colored and sent out cost money to print and mail. Furthermore, you don’t have any assurance that they will be delivered to the person capable of agreeing to the sale. They could be delivered to a tenant or not show up at all. It’s not a sure thing. advertising.

You could start a blog about your experience as a real estate professional in the city you reside. This narrows the searches down on Google when someone is looking for homes to purchase or sell. It is possible to search this “I am looking to sell my house in Loxahatchee Florida. You have a greater chance of being tagged in a specific way. Every blog you post can direct back to your master blog on you. No matter what blog they read or share the blog on, they’ll always have your contact details. A different example is that you can write about the housing market in Loxahatchee or you may write about houses you have for sale that are 3 bedrooms and 3,000 square feet. One more example could be the blog you write about open houses you will be conducting in the region.

What is what about your jewelry or makeup business How could your blog aid you? Well, as it stands now you connect with your friends and seek to engage them in throwing a birthday party. They invite their family and friends to be there. Set up the time for them to meet individuals, present them with what you have to offer (your message) and hope to earn an offer. This means bringing the products to discuss, show and demonstrate. In return you offer the hostess A gift voucher or credit to use towards products.

Imagine the following… you have set up an online blog. The blog lets you connect to people from your area and also across the globe. It is possible to write about the specials that you’re having on your own blogs that link to your master blog. You can post pictures or videos of products and provide a description for each. Jewelry featured on your blog can attach to an online form for orders which allows those who aren’t in the area to buy. Anyone in the area may use a contact form to set up an event too.

How do I use a blog for family communication? Another group of individuals who can profit from blogging includes the family. I am a huge fan of scrapbooking and have albums with my son and daughter as they expand. The only way for it to be noticed is to invite someone to visit my house. My friends and family not local would have no way to learn or even see what’s happening in our home. A family-oriented blog could start with who is in the family, ages of everyone, and any other information required to start a family bond. The subset of blogs (blogs which link back to the main blog) could discuss Thanksgiving school plays or your Mother’s Day tea party, kindergarten graduation, and any other events you’d like to share with your family. Video and photos would make an ideal addition to written content.

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