How to Wear Your Jewellery

Don’t follow fashion trends without regard to

Your feeling of comfort and co-ordination with your outfit is much more important than complying with the latest fashions. Pick the trends that work for you.

Show your personality

Everyone is not perfect, but everyone can make the best of themselves and show the individuality that lies within. So, let the jewellery you wear reflect your personal style: Bold jewellery on bold women, feminine jewellery on feminine women.

Draw attention to your greatest features

Chokers (36-38 cm) attract the viewer’s eye towards the neck. Do not wear them unless you have the slimmest neck. Longer necklaces , and especially lariats make the bust the main focal feature, while long rope-style necklaces bring focus down the entire torso.

Sparkling or dangling earrings will attract attention to the face and bracelets and rings will draw attention to your arms and hands. Make sure you are careful when purchasing necklaces and earrings. Instead of selecting shapes that repeat the shape of your face, opt for forms that do not (although not to extremes). If your face is round, try small-sized pendants and earrings and experiment with medium-length Dangle earrings. For angular faces, it is best to flatter them by round jewelry – necklaces and hoop earrings. Large earring designs can look out of place if you are petite with fine features or short-cut hair. Hair worn piled up is a great opportunity to wear large earrings, or long drops.

A well-fitted dangling earring draws focus to the shoulders and neck, which is the first feature to age on most women. However, dangling earrings with a long length on women with long hair might appear messy and messy. The tiny earrings of a woman may give her the “fat-neck”-look while chunky “button” earrings are fabulous on a woman who has gorgeous hairstyles.

Dramatic cocktail rings look very appealing on hands that are large and have long fingers. However, even smaller women can wear these well if they limit themselves to one piece at the time. The combination of 2 or 3 discrete rings is appropriate for smaller ladies, while large women should stay clear of small rings completely.

If you are a small person wearing large or a lot of pieces of jewellery could make you appear childish, but if you’re bigger small pieces of jewellery can get lost on you which will make you appear even more imposing. Wear jewellery that is proportional to your body. This can help you to unify your appearance.

Extravagant jewellery – uncluttered clothes

Fancy necklaces go best with simple necklines. Heavy, bold jewellery goes wonderfully with power suits and pants, as well as long necklaces are a great match with the latest cardigans and sweaters. Elegant and delicate jewelry can go with elegant or breezy dresses.

When you are choosing your jewellery, try to find colors Jewellery Jobs that blend seamlessly with the colour of your clothing. Your jewellery should be able to coordinate with the fabrics of your clothes. A heavy necklace is not a good choice for delicate silk blouses. You’re better off using a few chains or a string of pearls. Classic white pearls are not usually paired with heavy denims and tee however a lengthy strand of baroque mixed coloured pearls may be just the right accessory for an informal style like this. The same goes for the length of the necklace. how long the chain must match your collar. A choker can be paired with a deep neckline, but if you wear it with the turtle neck or high neck shirt, it can appear crowded.

Make sure you are wearing the right jewellery

The purchase of sets of jewellery makes pairing easy. Necklaces, earrings, and sometimes bracelets and rings that are designed to be worn together takes the hassle out of deciding which piece will go with what. Beware that too many matching pieces may seem too cute to wear. Earrings that go with a bracelet or a necklace together look nice. A necklace is good together with rings, and earrings are a fabulous match for an accessory. If everything fits exactly as a set, it may seem too standardized and lacks creativity.

If you are looking to mix your individual pieces of jewelry, remember the following basic rule. Styles, patterns colors, materials, and styles are the best when paired. Also, if any element of your jewellery ensemble is extravagant and extravagant, the rest of the elements are best left understated. This provides your outfit with the necessary focal point and prevent individual jewellery pieces fighting to draw attention. A striking necklace is best paired with no earrings, or with a small stud or button earrings (or an appropriate pair of earrings). In the same way, bold or long earrings work better without an accessory necklace, or with a delicate necklace composed with similar components.

Feel free to combine gold and silver jewellery but be sure to think through the combination. For example, bright silver and gold chains paired will give an elegant but boring monochrome outfit. However, try to avoid mixing a silver necklace with a gold bracelet and reverse. With regards to the different metals, it’s up to you what you decide to pick based on your preferences, hair and eye-colour as well as the dimensions of your wallet into account. In general, however, silver jewelry is considered by many to be an every-day thing but isn’t necessarily suitable for formal events.

What to do with your jewellery Men


Every man’s jewelry should be of high-quality. A quality watch is a man’s most evident choice for a fashion accessory. If you are in a conservative setting, the use of a watch as well as a wedding band may be the limit of good fashion. The most important thing to remember in these situations is to wear an outfit that matches your attire and is appropriate for the event. A stylish watch will work well with anything, but avoid wearing trendy or sporty watches with formal attire , or when you are in a formal setting.


Every man needs at least one necklace in his jewelry collection. A silver or gold chain displays a classy and powerful look. It should be a perfect fit with the neckline of the shirt. When the piece is long, it should fall modestly underneath the shirt, rather than drape openly over it. In fact, any men’s jewelry, including watches and bracelets, necklaces and even a few earring studs are best worn in an approach that they pop at you subtly and attractively from under clothing.

The necklaces of men should be striking and uncluttered, not cluttered, clumsy, or overweight. In the case of women consider the size of your physique into consideration. If your chain is too thin in relation to your body’s size, it can make you appear like a sexy woman, and if it’s too thick, you’ll look as if you earn a good living from your very own racketeering company.

In addition to chains of gold and silver, it is possible to choose something trendy like a jewelry made of rubber or leather with metal or wood beads. These kinds of necklaces are best worn with t-shirts or plain long-sleeved shirts. They’re a great way to enhance and enhance your look for formal Fridays, important dates, or even before you head to an exciting nightclub. Many famous faces have been seen wearing these necklaces, with the most well-known of which is Latin lovers-of-the-world Enrique Iglesias and the actor Brad Pitt. Necklaces like these can give you the sexy attraction to your individual fashion when paired with the appropriate casual outfit.


A ring shouldn’t be limited only to a wedding band. Rings that are simple to wear can be very elegant and fashionable indeed. As for chains, the dimension of the ring ought to be proportional to the size of your body. If the ring appears to be too big in comparison to your fingers, it can come across as too flashy. Avoid wearing stones or metals that are in conflict with clothing or other jewelry.

In addition to the traditional ring finger on your left hand, you can wear a ring around your pinky finger, your middle finger or for you more daring men put it on your thumb. Today, no one really cares about the finger you put rings, as long as the ring is nice and matches your overall outfit. Be simple and don’t add an ring.


A bracelet is appropriate for casual or formal wear. For formal attire, pick an elegant and classic style that goes with any other jewellery carried, such as an earring or watch. A man’s bracelet should fit right on his wrist and not slide up and down his arm, or hang over his hands. While chains made of metal are suitable for many occasions, beaded and woven bracelets are more sporty and fashionable, and are best suited for casual wearing.

Cuff links

Cuff links can create the impression of paying attention to specifics in formal settings. Make sure to choose cuff links to match your clothes along with other jewelry. Avoid wearing a necklace with cuff links because it could look fussy and the pieces could rub against each other.

Tie jewellery

Bars, tie clips or tacks are options for keeping your tie from falling into the soup. The choice you make will depend to a certain degree on the latest fashions. If practicality and comfort are the main issue for you, choose a simple style that will go well with your overall wardrobe.


Teenagers, girls and rock stars are often seen wearing earrings. If you’re not among the fortunate ones, you need to carefully consider the image this kind of jewelry will portray. A lot of women consider earrings on males to be unattractive and unintentional. If you feel you can pull it off wear one small , simple silver hoop or a diamond stud on one of your ear. An excellent piece of advice: Men wearing earrings that match are extremely stylish. It can make women older than 15 laugh their heads off each time.


While this type of jewelry is extremely fashionable, remember the context and the society in mind. A pierced tongue, lips, eyebrows, or nipples are likely to create an obnoxious and unprofessional appearance that could not be appropriate in a variety of occasions.

Keep your jewellery clean

In order to make the most of your jewelry, you should keep your jewelry well-maintained and in good condition. Also, be aware that silver and gold are soft metallics that will dull and scratch as time passes. It is therefore a great idea to hand over your jewelry to your goldsmith and have it professionally polished and cleaned time to time. The goldsmith also checks whether the settings for the stones are still secure. Once yearly is suitable for jewelry that you wear often.

Remember: Clean and well-kept jewellery can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe, while damaged and worn pieces will be nothing more than a distraction from the look you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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