4 Do’s & Don’ts of Community Website Development

Web development can be utilized to enhance the functionality of any site. Developers add numerous applications software to make the web site more dynamic and add flexibilities to the website in order to enhance performance level of the site. Developers are required to implement the suggestions of their customers into action by implementing newer technologies, creative web solutions and experience. There are a lot of websites and experts offering dos and don’ts of web development – however, many of them can not be relevant to particular web-related situations. Particularly, if you’re working with a social media site, you are more likely to receive the correct guidelines. We’ve compiled these web development tips to ensure the highest level of efficiency.

1. Provide value to your site – Visitors are seeking substance, not just images and banners. Too many flashy colours and other objects could distract users from the content of the site, which in turn makes it difficult for people to read. Most people today know that “all that glitters isn’t gold” is not true. If you consider the primary reasons that have pushed sites like Facebook, MySpace to excel with IT outsourcing rapid growth is presence of useful software in these sites. Include useful and creative software into your community web development project in order to ensure that your visitors spend longer hours on the website.

2. Do integrate the newer functions that allow them to contact and sending messaging to friends. At present, social networking site users seek out more than just the ability to search, communicate and communicate with their friends. Recent studies have shown that users search for games, widgets and apps that allow them to play online multiplayer games and play with their peers. By doing this you can enhance the chances of your website attracting members. In addition, adding fun online games that allow people to enjoy competition with their buddies will also motivate them to recommend to your website and inviting others from their network.

3. Help users by providing the capability to share audio and videos – Gone is the time when people could just connect and communicate through text messages. Nowadays, they are sending videos, images and audio. A majority of users can upload and share their captured videos, images and audio to social media sites thanks to the ease of access to cameras and video recording facilities on top-of-the-line mobiles. Your web development plan should incorporate features to the social media site you’re developing.

4. Don’t make users wait too long – whether it’s to look for new acquaintances or to connect with friends already in the network, don’t make your members wait for long to be connected. The success of any social networking web-based site depends on how easy users can connect to their friends and too with a few clicks only. Make sure the website features convenient user interface and navigation as the majority of users on the site aren’t likely to be tech savvy or geek.

Another mistake that is commonplace is that web developers are likely to create a site with too many images and a heavy stressing the need to make the site appear attractive. Because overloading the site with large and heavy images, graphics irritate members and can cause them to leave for other social networks.

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