Freelance Article Writer – 3 Tips For Choosing Reliable Freelance Writing Service Providers

While it is easy for individuals to claim themselves writers, or even an editor or publisher seeking to hire a professional article writer is vital to evaluate the qualifications, level of writing and the experience of professionals prior to signing an agreement.

Not only will these three tips to choose reliable freelance writers help hiring managers sift the chaff from the grain These tips help new business owners about applying discretion when making a decision to hire someone new or passing up on a good writer who has a bad attitude.

The freelance article writer label is an easy one to grab for many bloggers, unemployed professionals or those who are juggling jobs, not to mention bored housewives, college students and retired professionals looking to make a few quick cash by offering writing services. It’s not that I’m saying everyone mentioned above is likely to be content mill writers or those who aren’t serious about delivering top-quality articles.

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However, the distinction between a hobbyist versus a professional is in the simple things that make perfect sense to employ the latter instead of the former. For instance, qualities such as consistency, knowledge in the field, attention to detail , and a solid portfolio besides regular writing hours and the need to create a readership and a relationship with the buyer of content is vital to the success of a publication of repute.

So, if this is your objective – to create a quality publication – it is crucial to find skilled writers who take the time to comprehend the editorial policy of your publication, how you will reach readers, and have the appropriate market knowledge , or at the very minimum, have the passion to create this, and then work on original feature and article writing for your project that helps your magazine or newspaper develop the visibility and trustworthiness.

3 Tips to Employing dependable and reliable Freelance Writing Service Providers

  1. Search Freelance Article Writer Websites to Research Genres Of Writing– By searching for free article writing service writers or service providers, you are likely to discover a number of writers that specialize in a particular field or who have broadened their expertise by writing for various niches. In line with the goals of your publication, you can choose a reliable freelancer within one of these categories depending on the needs of your publication for experts in your field or a generalist with potential to finish a pilot task’ in a satisfying way. You are confident will write within your particular genre with appropriate direction. If you’re in expansion mode and venturing into a market that has not been explored and require a writing service provider to offer you an article pitch is another way of judging if they will be reliable in delivering your magazine’s vision as well as helping you improve its worth.
  2. Professional Courtesies –Expert article writers and service providers whether as freelancers or connected to companies, will be particular about minding professional courtesies. This includes responding to phone calls, emails and other inquiries. They should be clear about how they will take on writing requests (or even turning them down with courtesy if they need to) But never make you feel like you’re hanging around in the air wondering if you were better off buying an article writing program or simply shutting down your magazine! Beware of service providers that lack basic communication skills and a few courtesies. They’re certainly not likely to be conscientious about the greater features of professional writing, and why should they be? Look out for emails strewn with grammatical errors, errors during chats and SMS lingo that clearly indicates that’spell-check’ is not available and the writer might not want to find this out!
  3. The Latest and CuriousIt is vital to find writers up to date with current publishing trends as well as aware of market trends within your industry, if not knowledgeable about your particular publication. Article writers are either service providers or writers who make it a goal to keep up-to-date by reading industry publications and subscribing to newsletters and news feeds or at the very least, display a modicum of genuine curiosity in your magazine or newspaper’s goals are a good option for hiring as long term service providers. At least with such freelancers the initial connection is present – all that’s left to work out is the availability, rates for writing the delivery terms, and rights to articles.

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