Internet News Services Explode Online

It seems no matter how much information is available online, people thirst for more.

To illustrate this to illustrate this point, take a look at the various news services sprouting up online as if they were garden weeds.

At the click of a mouse you can instantly look through hundreds of news sources to find specific and timely information on almost any subject you want to research.

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Heck, if you’re a serious news fan you can get current news delivered directly to your computer!

Now, I’m the first one to say that nothing beats a good old-fashioned paper in your palms.

Few things rate as relaxing as the aroma of a cup of coffee and a quiet, peaceful morning and a newspaper that’s ready for me to check. In actuality my day doesn’t begin until I make it to my end of the driveway in order to collect the newspaper (occasionally from under a bush).

However, as much as I love the newspaper the paper is not often filled with reports on highly-specialized topics including the most current legislation on email marketing, HTML parsing, or search engine optimization.

Of course, it wouldn’t make sense for every local paper to publish information about the laws governing email marketing (other than how they affect consumers) since the demand for it isn’t there at that level.

In the rest of the world there are thousands of people like me want to know the instant that a story in the news breaks on the most recent “Can Spam” legislation, and that’s where online news services are in play.

These sites allow you to discover information about anything from current world events and your preferred Spanish soccer team, to cattle tagging regulations that are in place Argentina (no kidding) and the exploding auction sites in mainland China.

All the latest news covering virtually every topic is just a few clicks and just a mouse-click away.

One of the most useful features offered by many of these sites includes email notification based on your search keywords.

Instead of paying for the “clipping” solution to find articles and then send the articles to your address, these websites can do it for free.

Now how could you use this kind of notification service?

You could imagine that you own the shares of a certain company. You could subscribe to a number of different news channels and have them send you breaking news about the CEO of the company, the company’s CEO, affiliated companies and anything else you choose.

Let’s say that you are in a particular industry, like publishing publications on real estate investment.

Sign up to be notified each when a story is published about changing laws, interest rates, or other aspects that impact your company.

The internet certainly does not rate a substitute for coffee in the morning as well as regional and nationwide news and the essential ritual of waking up the morning, but it certainly has an important place, particularly in highly specialized fields of fascination, hobbies, or news from business.

Look out for numerous new products, services and new opportunities to emerge from this rapidly growing and dynamic sector of online publishing.

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